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1.   "A helpful and dependable bloke" - WEST MOBILE MUSIC (Mobile, AL USA, May 1994)


2.   "The biggest Jimmy Page fan I know" - MIKE'S GUITARS (Mobile, AL USA, Aug 1995)


3.   "Honest as described" - COTTEN MUSIC CENTER (Nashville, TN USA, Dec 2000)


4.   "Very good and easy to deal with" - LARRY M. (Jacksonville, FL USA, Apr 2007)


5.   "Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction Excellent guy" - CREAM CITY MUSIC (Brookfield,                           WI USA, Jun 2011)


6.   "One of the best in the country!" - LEE YK (Butterworth, PENANG MLY, Sep 2014)


7.   "Thank you for your knowledge and expert" - MUSIC SOCIETY_TH (Ratchathewi, BKK THI, Oct 2014)


8.   "Great Seller! Thanks so much! Highly Recommend!"- CHICAGO MUSIC EXCHANGE, (Chicago IL,                     USA, Oct 2014)


9.  "Excellente! Fast shipment" - UNION GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS COMERCIO E                                      IMPORTACAO LTDA, (Middletown NY, USA, Aug 2015)


10.  "I must say you are extremely quick at responding. I like it and i like the way you do business lets do                the deal" - WILLIAM E. (Chapin SC, USA, Sep 2015)


11. "I am happy and excited to be suprised with something in the box. Thank you!" - RUJIROCH P.

     (Samutsakorn, BKK THI, Sep 2015)


12. "Trusted seller and easy to deal" - MOHAMMED F. (Seremban, NEGRI SEMBILAN MLY, Sep 2015)


13. "I look forward to receiving the pedal. I am very excited" - ADAM M. (Louisville, KY USA, Sep 2015)


14. "You have been a pleasure to chat with. I appreciate you going the extra mile to help with my          

      questions" - ROBERT M. (Columbia, SC USA, Oct 2015)


15. "Very nice seller! I made an offer, he responded instantly, and before I knew it he had it shipped.

      Fastest shipping I've ever experienced!" - MICHAEL F. (Katy, TX USA, Oct 2015)


16. "GREAT service and FAST shipping! THANKS!!!" - GEORGE V. (Jacksonville, FL USA Oct 2015)


17. "Great seller! Quick shipment, easy communication!" - CHICAGO MUSIC EXCHANGE                                           (Chicago, IL USA, Nov 2015)


18. "Very good seller. Thank you very much indeed." - HIROKI M. (Musashino Shi, TOKYO JAPAN, Nov



19. "Terrence went above and beyond the call of duty, offering additional photos, video, and step by step

      updates throughout the entire process. Guitar was packed very, very safely. Lots of bubblewrap.                         Friendly, helpful, and pleasant. I highly recommend this vendor. Thanks, Terrence." - AARON S.  

      (Northcote, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA, Nov 2015)


20. "Really nice. Played some yesterday and like you said it has a nice bell tone." - WESLEY N. (Petaling Jaya,

      SELANGOR MLY, Nov 2015)


21. "Many thanks for your prompt reply and for your patience." - WYNNE J. (Gowerton, SWANSEA UK, Dec



22. "Thanks man! Pleasure doing business with you." - ALEXANDER R. (Gelugor, PENANG MLY, Dec 2015)


23. "Amazingly quick shipping. Guitar in very good condition - probably not excellent, but it is 24 years old. I         would rate TC Music as an excellent seller." - THOMAS S. (Los Osos, CA USA, Dec 2015)


24. "The seller you can always count on! They treat you big even the item is small." - MOHD. Y. (Kuala Lumpur,        WP  MLY, Dec 2015)


25. "My first experience dealing with TC Music is epic..truthfull guys the best deal i've had in my entire

      life..very nice and trusted seller..thumbs up bro T. Thank you so much for making my dream come true." -         KHAIRUL A. (Johor Bahru, JOHOR MLY, Jan 2016)


26. "As described and lightning fast shipment from halfway around the world. Thanks again!" - LEE B.          

      (Hiram, GA USA, Jan 2016)


27. "Pedal works great and thanks for the quick shipping!" - THOMAS B. (Escanaba, MI USA, Feb 2016)


28. "Thank you for the great amplifier" - EDDY S. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Mar 2016)


29. "Superb deal. Honest and frank communication throughout the sale" - SOPHIAN (Kota Kinabalu, SBH MLY,        Mar 2016)


30. "Thank you Mr Terence. A pleasure to deal of the best sellers i've known :)" - AFIQ I. (Rawang,               SELANGOR MLY, Apr 2016)

31. "I had a great experience dealing with TC Music Enterprise. Professional service and carries good

      knowledge on vintage guitars and also the range of guitars that I am looking for." - DAHNIEL P. (Petaling           Jaya, SELANGOR MLY, Jul 2016)

32. "Honest and straight forward deals. Great knowledge and helpful in sourcing the best used and vintage    

      gears!" - RIZAL R.  (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Jul 2016)

33. "Most convenient, immediate with great skill and knowledge for a package that sings is humming!" - SIMON O. (Serendah, SELANGOR MLY, Aug 2016)

34. "If you guys and gals looking for authentic American guitars, I couldn't recommend anybody better.      

      Terence has great passion with this 6 strings instrument. He will cater to you and your guitar every need."

      - CHEE KIN K. (Teluk Intan, PERAK MLY, Aug 2016)

35. "Genuine, trustworthy and suit my purposes. keep it up." - HAZMAN B. (Gombak, SELANGOR MLY, Aug


36. "Great selection of guitars. Nice comfy store and superb customer service. Thank you." - JENNIE S. (Putra

      Heights, SELANGOR MLY, Aug 2016)

37. "My son Yohan was learning guitar elsewhere from 7 years old but they wasn't any improvement. After

      sending my son to this teacher I've seen a vast improvement and I'm very fortunate because he is so

      dedicated in what he does. Thank you Mr Terence for helping out my son and improving him by educating       him with all ur soul." - JAGJIT K. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Aug 2016)

38. "Very good! Thank you" - JULIE S. (Sitiawan, PERAK MLY, Sep 2016)

39. "Great seller to deal with! Pleasant transaction! Thank you!" - JOHNNY (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Dec 2016)

40. "Thank you for your great effort to make a copy/some copies of the book come out again, and please

       forgive me if my attitude was so incredulous, because this is an incredible event; sorry but still can't

       believe..." - RYUICHI S. (New York, NY USA, Jan 2017)

41. "Many thanks for the book" - KIM P. (London, LONDON UK, Feb 2017)

42. "Solid guitar! Nice warm tones as you described. Thanks for selling it to me! Quick Shipping!" - MATTHEW

       H. (Panama City, FL USA, Feb 2017)

43. "Thank you for fixing my 12 string guitar" - JOSEPH C. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Mar 2017)

44. "Excellence master tuner.. Information beyond expectation.. Tq Chong.. U're simply the best .." - HAZLI S.

       (Puchong, SELANGOR MLY, Mar 2017)

45. "Thanks bro for an awesome setup!" - AHMAD Z.S. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Apr 2017)

46. "Hello, it was great to meet you today, and thank you for setting up the turntable :-D" - NAOKI K. (Silom,    

      Bangkok, THI, Apr 2017)

47. "Highly recommended for guitar setup and knowledgeable especially on vintage guitars" - MOHD. ARIFF           M.Z. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Apr 2017)

48. "The bass arrived the other day but I was out of town. I opened it up today and it is fantastic. Geddy is

      going to love it. Thank you so much for including the copies of those photos as well. Great to deal with

      you.Thanks Terence. Cheers," - JOHN M. (Port Perry, ON CA, Apr 2017)

49. "Bro, the guitar is damn nice. Good job and thanks a lot." - FAROUK B. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY Apr 2017)

50. "Fast respond. Very friendly. Great Carouseller :) Highly recommended to all on his page!" - BOEY

      (Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR MLY, May 2017)

51. "TC is the best!!! WOW great tele great service way to go with this guy hands down he will get my

      business in the near future" - EUGENE K. (Chicago, IL USA, May 2017)

52. "Five Out Of Five Stars" - HARRIS P. (Dallas, TX USA, Jun 2017)

53. "Thank you so much brother" - RAJA K.E. (Taiping, PERAK MLY, Jun 2017)

54. "Good seller" - BEN (Subang Jaya, SELANGOR MLY, Jun 2017)

55. "Speedy replies and punctual! Pleasant transaction! Great seller to deal with! Trusted! Thank you!"                      - NIK F. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY Jul 2017)

56. "Thank you very much!" - KOZO S. (Denenchofu Ota-ku, TOKYO JAPAN, Aug 2017)

57. "Thanks for coming all the way to deliver it yourself. Appreciate it. Thanks :-)" - SHREE R.N. (Nilai, NEGERI

      SEMBILAN MLY Aug 2017 )

58. "Haha n Reena appreciate..will drop by again for sure😃😃😃" - JOSHUA J. (Kuala Lumpur,

      WP MLY Aug 2017)

59. "Thank you so much bro for this. Sincerely I won't trust anyone else with my guitars but u. Your prices are

       very reasonable and the work effort u put in is just amazing. That is true passion.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻🙏🙏🙏

      " - M.SHAHID A. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY Aug 2017)

60"Excited to get home and play. The guitars have a good feel to them, only shows someone who really

       cares looked after them. Thank you so much! Yeah, if you noticed Gareth was trying to talk to me and I

       was zoned out. Hahaha! I was feeling the guitar. ❤ happy you have the heart and soul for it. Happy lunch!

       " - JULES (Manila, PHI Sep 2017)

61. " Running the OTS through my transformer without any problem. This amplifier is absolutely amazing,

         possibly the best combo I've ever had. Thank you. I will send some clips. Great transaction, great

         communication and very professional to deal with. Highly recommended. " - DAVID F. (Madison, WI USA,

        Sep 2017)

62. " Best deal ! Price is affordable, just wipe your guitar until perfectly shine and enjoy ! " - SALLEHUDIN  S.

      (Shah Alam, SELANGOR MLY, Nov 2017)

63. " Thank you so much for the great guitar work sir. You're definitely a recommend :) " - MELVIN (Kuala

      Lumpur, WP MLY Nov 2017)

64. " Superb job as always. Terence messaged me at 12 am last night saying he is starting work on my guitar.

     Finished the job at 4 am. That shows his high passion and dedication on what he does. The only guy i trust

     with my guitar. Thank you for the awesome setup. Guitar is screaming again after years of abandonment." -

     FAROUK B. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY Nov 2017)

65" Very satisfied with the guitar setup service provided. Straight forward, honest and no nonsense.

      Definitely coming back for more setup needs in the future  :-D " - NAZMI M.N. (Shah Alam, SELANGOR

      MLY,  Dec 2017)

66. "  Good packing. Thank you. " - DAICHI A. (Kameoka, KYOTO JAPAN, Feb 2018)

67. " Great " - SU YOUNG K. (Seoul, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, Mar 2018)

68. " I couldn't be happier with my first purchase from TC Music Enterprise &! Terence answered

      all of my questions immediately and thoroughly. Once I made the purchase, he reassured me of everything       from testing the effects pedal to careful packaging and shipping. He even threw in a 9 volt battery and               Youtube links! The service I was provided is beyond excellent. Thank you TC Music Enterprise! " - PAUL C.

      (Santa Cruz, CA USA, Mar 2018)

69. " Absolutely outstanding service! Very quick international shipping. Thank you! " - MAKARA H.

      (Eden Prairie , MN USA, Mar 2018)

70. " Fast and smooth transaction. Great guy to deal with. " - AHMAD P. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Mar 2018)

71. " Item received as described. Superb service and products at a great deal. Highly recommended! " - IVAN

      L. (Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR MLY, Mar 2018)

72. Excellent service, excellent packing and speedy delivery! Very satisfied with the product received.

      Thumbs up !! " - SIMON L. (Labuan, WP MLY, Mar 2018)

73. " Great stuff at great prices! How smooth our deal was, I wasn't even bothered to nego the price. Definitely

      will be buying stuff from here again - HANIF Z. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Mar 2018)

74. Great prices and great service! Very professional and friendly too. " - ERIC P. (Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR 

      MLY, Mar 2018)

75. " ☆★☆★☆ 5 Star Seller! ☆★☆★☆ "Top Class Service!" Very, very pleased! Cheers! " - JAN G. (Huntly,

      ABERDEEN UK, Mar 2018)

76. " Super fast international service and delivery. The pedal is as stated in absolute mint condition. The team

       offer a very professional service which, I would recommend to anyone. Thank you Terence and team. " -

       LEWIS W. (Doncaster, SOUTH YORKSHIRE UK, Apr 2018)

77. " Great seller to deal with! Smooth communication.. item arrived with good packaging. 100% Trusted " -

      RYAN S. (Tawau, SABAH MLY, Apr 2018)

78. " First class seller! Really impressed with his customer service and interest in guitars! " - CRAIG E.

      (Singapore, SGP, Apr 2018)

79. " Excellent experience all around " - ALEX N. (Oshkosh, WI USA, Apr 2018)

80.Best seller I’ve purchased from so far! Incredibly responsive and detailed when giving information

      regarding to the equipment/shipping. Wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys again 🎶 " - OLIVER B.

      (Nottingham, NTT UK, Apr 2018)

81. " Good seller " - THOMAS F. (Murray Bridge, SA AUSTRALIA, May 2018)

82. " The best " - JORELL M. (Abu Dhabi, UAE, May 2018)


83. "  Very good seller and very attentive, 2 days from Malaysia to Spain says a lot, thank you very much

      Terence, we will do business again " - FRANCISCO JAVIER M. V. (Oviedo, AS ES, Jun 2018)

84. " BEST ONLINE BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! Top notch professionalism and thoroughness.

      Communication was constant. Very fast shipping time to US. Could not have asked for a better experience.

      Definitely buying from Terence again! " - MATTHEW Q. (Rehoboth Beach, DE USA, Jun 2018)

85. " Thank you mr Terence Chong for what I call a true professional setup n customer service! You make my

      guitar speak my language...superb! " - MOHAMAD F. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Jun 2018)

86. "Thank you so much man! And it shows, all your work shines when I play the instrument. That's why I only

      trust you with it! Will definitely make an appointment for another of my guitar buddy! Thank you again! 😊

      😁 " - RYAIN T. (Subang Jaya, Selangor MLY, Jul 2018)

87. "Good seller item as described" - DAMIEN L. (Petaling Jaya, Selangor MLY, Jul 2018)

88. "Five Stars" - ALEXANDRE M.P. (New York, New York USA, Jul 2018)

89. "Awesome seller, super fast shipping!!!" - SIMON J. (Adelaide, SA AUS, Jul 2018)

90. "Five Stars" - KIYONORI U. (Meguro, Tokyo JPN Sep 2018)

91. "They feel just like the other one...awesome! Thanks for the great service wish I’d found you two and half

      years ago!" - RED J. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Sep 2018)

92. "Excellent service, great seller!" - KEZ H. (Sydney, NSW AUS, Sep 2018)

93. "Smooth deal, very friendly guy" - SUBHI K. (Putra Heights, Selangor MLY, Oct 2018)

94. "Honesty and seriousness in your commitments" - PHILAYLO K-CHO (San Martin, Mendoza ARG, Oct


95. "Great service! Very recommended" - AMIN J. (Bangi, Selangor MLY, Oct 2018)

96. "The books arrived today safe and sound in excellent condition. Thanks for packing them so well!" -

      KEITH E.G. (Dundowran Beach, QLD AUS, Nov 2018)

97. "Five Stars" - MIKE B. (Sullivan, WI USA Nov 2018)

98. "Five Stars" -  DAVID J. (Brooklyn, NY USA Nov 2018)

99. "Five Stars" - STUART M. (Preston, VIC AUS Nov 2018)

100. "Lovely exchange" -  DYLAN F. (Burbank, CA USA Dec 2018)

101. "Five Stars" - OMI R. (Bangkok, BKK THI Dec 2018)

102. "Excellent Seller" - JOHN O. (Eau Claire, WI USA Apr 2019)

103. "Good seller. Friendly and helpful. Got the amp and rocking" - OLIVER H. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, May


104. "Yes, most accurate 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 very prompt service... 5 Stars 😄 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻" - SHAHIRAIS (Putrajaya,

        WP MLY, June 2019)

105. "Great seller to deal with" - STEFAN N. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, June 2019)

106. "Well done perfect job ! Great seller, you can buy with confidence !" - YANNIS B. (Puteaux, FR, July 2019)

107. "TC for me is Trustworthy and Commendable 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Thank you TC Music Enterprise. Loving this!! 😁" -

       REY MOND (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Aug 2019)

108. "Great and friendly seller. Easy to deal with and recommended seller! 100 / 100" - ZARIQ Z. (Kuala

         Lumpur, WP MLY, Aug 2019)

109. "Hi....received Gibson Hoodie today. Thank-you so much, its exactly the one I wanted for a present.

        Extremely happy with your service. And hope to do more business soon.......Barbara" - BARBARA D.                 (Norlane, VIC AUS, Aug 2019)

110. "Hello Terence, Many thanks for sending the radio. It arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy

        with it. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Your service has been most professional and I will

        certainly recommend you to my friends. With best wishes Bob" - ROBERT S. (Bruce, ACT AUS, Jan 2020)

111. "5 Stars" - MICHAEL K. (Brighton, UK, Feb 2020)

112. "5 Stars" - MATTHEW K. (Methuen, MA USA, Apr 2020)

113. "A genuine and very honest seller. And very good attitude and personality.... looking forward to hang out

        and yam cha with you :-D " - FAIZAL B. (Semenyih, Selangor DE MLY, Apr 2020)

114. "I am so satisfied dealing with him, so professional, easy to deal with. Sure I am going to buy other things

        from him. Thanks so much and good luck" - YOUCEF S.O. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Apr 2020)

115. "Trust seller..great item" - FARID R. (Johor Bahru, Johor DT MLY, Apr 2020)

116. "5 Stars" - PICHEAT C. (Bangkok, THI, May 2020)

117. "Great seller. Very responsive and pleasant to deal with 👍🏻" - IAN L. (Petaling Jaya, Selangor DE MLY,

        May 2020)  

118. "Fast response in terms of communication, now waiting for the item to arrive. good seller" - HEIKAL

        (Shah Alam, Selangor DE MLY, May 2020)

119. "Great seller. Highly recommended." - MAK WH (Petaling Jaya, Selangor DE MLY, May 2020)

120. "Great seller, great offer, great item, trusted yet very recommended seller, will repeat buying from this

        friendly seller" - MOHD FADZLI S.H. (Melaka MLY, May 2020)

121. "Great buyer, fuss free deal. No issues. Would love to do business again with him." - RIZAL R. (Kuala

        Lumpur, WP MLY, May 2020)

122. "5 Stars" - BARRY L. (Creekside, PA USA, May 2020)

123. "Friendly and supportive seller. Answered all of my questions transparently. Good advice given. Highly

        recommend seller. Thank you sir!" - JESSIE T. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Jun 2020)

124. "They did it dead nuts as described in the listing. I did not pay attention saw USA and purchased. It is

        NOS from 10 years ago. Came from Malaysia with a European adapter. Pay attention to size as the older

        ones are bigger. I gave them fits as it was not the same size as I needed for a backup in my rig. I messed

        up by not studying the listing in extreme detail. They are good guys I am sure, for real. I guess I am just

        mad at myself. They adhere strictly to their terms. Professional." - GARY H. (Mesa, AZ USA, Jul 2020)

125. "Item as in picture and great condition" - NAIM (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Aug 2020)

126. "Fast shipping, nice to deal with" - DAVID H. (Sussex, NJ USA, Aug 2020)

127. "Awesome pedal, ultra fast shipping"- PIERRE L. (Laval, QC CA, Oct 2020)

128. "Good seller"- GRAGORY L. (Miri, Sarawak MLY, Dec 2020)

129. "Great seller! Easy to deal"- FARID A. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Jan 2021)

130. "pro transaction, quick shipper"- MICHAEL P. (Houston, TX USA, Jan 2021)

131. "super fast!!! thank you so much!!"- CHAIM E. (Pardessiya, IL, Feb 2021)

132. "Easy transaction! Nice strap!!! Very fast shipping and ... gentleman!!!" - MARTIN B. (Montreal, CA, Mar


133. "excellent to deal with..very humble"- RIJU C. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Mar 2021)

134. "Trustworthy and reliable seller. Had a good and smooth experience dealing with him 👍" - DRAVEN L.

        (Shah Alam, Selangor DE MLY, May 2021)

135. "Item received in mint condition, seller was legit and really took care of the item. 10/10" - AMIR R.        

       (Puchong, Selangor DE MLY, May 2021)

136. "A real cool brother. Shares everything you need to know about the item on the spot. Highly

        recommended! 💪🏼"- ASH A. (Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Jun 2021)

137. "Deal went very smoothly. A buyer that listens and knows his stuff around. Thanks again bro. Really

        appreciate the instant offer you made"- AIMAN B. (Sri Kembangan, Selangor DE, MLY, Jun 2021)

138. "trustworthy seller"- USAMAH Y. (Sepang, Selangor DE, MLY, Jun 2021)

139. "All in perfect condition. . Thanks a lot. .👌👌👌"- IVAN E. (Puchong, Selangor DE MLY, Jun 2021)

140. "5 Stars"- CAMERON E. (Houston, TX USA, Jun 2021)

141. "Nice seller. Recommended."- JAE W. (Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Jul 2021)

142. "Really top rated experience. Professional and smooth. Guitar is fabulous and set up so well. cannot put

        down now when plugged in. Will stay in contact with seller for future needs for sure." - DAVID W. (Desa

        Park City, Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Jul 2021)

143. "Easily one of the best buying experiences on Carousell. Very professional, trustworthy with friendly

        communication from the inquiry till I had the guitar in my hands. Love it - pictures don’t do it justice.

        Kudos for the set up and new strings. I HIGHLY recommend him as a seller ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - AHMED L.S.

        (Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Jul 2021)

144. "Reliable, fast shipping seller and Brand new product as described. Excellent shipping service from

        world wide Fedex."- JON P. (Winchester, UK, Jul 2021)

145. "A+++++"- DANIEL W. (Calistoga, CA USA, Jul 2021)

146. "Amazing"- MIKE K. (Santa Monica, CA USA, Aug 2021)

147. "Terence responded within a few hours and provided demo videos on the amp prior to the purchase.

        Amp is in great condition. He even gave me a quick tutorial on getting the amp settings. Legit and          

        excellent seller to deal with. Highly recommended. Thank you Terence for the great experience!" -

        PHAIDZ  (Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY, Sep 2021)

148. "Super informative and friendly seller 2. Professional buy and sell experience 3. Super good bargain

        Highly recommended 👍👍👍" - ALEPOPELA (Nilai, NS MLY, Oct 2021)

149. "Great experience. Very friendly and helpful seller. Transaction went smoothly and items are in really

        great shape. Had a wonderful conversation on the history of the item too. 5/5" - QARINR3 (Ampang, Kuala

        Lumpur, WP MLY, Oct 2021)

150. "Very polite and professional seller . buy with no worries"- LAU HS (Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, WP MLY,

        Nov 2021)

151. "Came really fast and looks great"- KYLE S. (Glace Bay, Nova Scotia CA, Dec 2021)

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