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Behringer US-600 Ultra Shifter/Harmonist Guitar Effects Pedal (US600) Pitch shifting and harmony are some of the most entertaining effects to play withbut most guitar pedals that deal with these kinds of effects are one-trick ponies. That why the Behringer Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600 is such an outstanding pedalparticularly among the more affordable stompboxes youl find here at Music Bliss. This pedal combines five different detune and harmony effects into oneincluding Tremolo BarFlutterDetuneHarmonistand Pitch Shifter. The Pitch Shifter and Harmony setting give you distinct doubling effectswhereas the Tremolo Bar and Flutter effects bend your sound in creative ways at the push of a switch. And if you just want to thicken up your toneset the US600 to Detune and go nuts. And when you add an expression pedal to control the Pitch setting on the flyyoul be amazed by the range of sounds youl get out of the Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600. FEATURES Real Sound Modeling (RSM) technology delivers realistic detuning and harmony effects 5 modes (Tremolo BarFlutterDetuneHarmonistand Pitch Shifter) deliver a wide range of expression Tremolo Bar effects can shift up to 2 full octaves Harmonist pitch can provide 3rds4ths5ths6thsoctavesor double octaves 10-step Key select control lets you dictate which key youe playing in for intelligent harmonies Delay/Speed control adjusts the character of your effect Balance lets you blend in as much effect with your dry signal as you like Add a TRS expression pedal to control the Pitch setting on the fly Runs on standard 9V battery or optional power supply for full pedalboard integration SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer Part Number:US600

Behringer US600 Ultra Shifter / Harmonist Pedal - SOLD

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