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BENCHMARK DAC1 USBThe DAC1 USB (USB DAC) is a reference-quality, 2-channel 192-kHz 24-bit digital-to-analog audio converter featuring Benchmark's Advanced USB Audio™ technology, UltraLock™ clock system, and HPA2™ headphone power amplifier.MADE IN THE USABenchmark products are designed and manufactured in the USA.ADDED FEATURESThe DAC1 USB preserves the exact topology of the audio path in the classic DAC1, while adding some of the most frequently requested features.The DAC1 USB has all of the features of the DAC1 plus:USB Audio 1.1 interface (96 kHz, 24 bits)Programmable headphone gain - 2-settings  (0 dB and -10 dB)Programmable mute switch on left headphone jackAN INDUSTRY STANDARDBenchmark's award-winning DAC1 has become a standard in the finest recording studios and mastering rooms.  Audio engineers rely of the accurate, uncolored, and precise sound of Benchmark DAC1 converters.

Benchmark USA Digital Analog Converter DAC1 USB(M) - SOLD

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