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Classic P-90 sound without modifying your guitar.


The P-94 is a unique combination that provides the best of both worlds - the classic Gibson P-90 sound in a traditional humbucker-size housing. Replacing a humbucker with the P-94 requires no routing or other damaging modifications to the guitar.

The P-94 uses the same enamel coated vintage wire and Alnico V magnets as the P-90 and comes in calibrated neck and bridge models for balanced output. Or combine the P-94 with an existing humbucker for unique tonal combinations.

This Gibson pickup has higher output and sustaining qualities than traditional single-coil pickups giving it plenty of bite when needed, with enough responsiveness to allow subtle nuances for enhanced dynamics.


Thank you for your kind interest!

Gibson P94R Neck Pickup Black Chrome Cover USA (M) - SOLD

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